Despite the great care companies take,  the employees seem to see through the conspiracy and realize that they are not free men. This estrangement of jobs from life has made the process of working gruesome and has become the toll payable for being alive Will there be a revolution in the recent future whereby jobs will acquire a different outlook and can be declassified from the category of slavery?

I have always been in love with rain. Growing up in Kerala, where more than one-third of the year is soaked wet, my childhood is filled with beautiful memories of downpour. We children used to play in the rain. We used to make paper boats. Some unfortunate ants were also assigned as sailors on the perilous voyage in the turbulent flow of rain water. After the rain, when the trees would be still dripping, we would plod through the cold and damp soil bare footed. Nothing created a stronger feeling of connection with nature. It was great fun.

The ‘time machine’ has been around ever since I can remember. It was there to welcome me when I was brought home as a newborn. It witnessed me running and playing around the house as a child. It was with me through my laughter and tears, my hectic exam schedules, through my graduation and other important moments in my life. Feeling ashamed that I am so ungrateful to such an old friend, I decided to know more about this antique and started enquiring about it. The more I found out, the more I became impressed.

Nowadays it is difficult to find a non-traveller. Everyone seems to wander a lot. There is not one day that I can open Facebook without having to endure hash tags and photos with a motorcycle, shades and hand gestures that signifies victory and cheers. People who visit the unreachable destinations through formerly untrodden¬†paths are increasing by day…

Looking back, this was the best split second decision that I have ever made. I wanted to have a pet ever since I can remember. After so many years of waiting, my dream was coming true. It was pretty exciting that I am getting a Labrador retriever. I still remember seeing him for the first time, Just fifty days old, with his fluffy white coat, curious big brown eyes, big paws and short little tail, anyone would melt away at the sight of him….

Getting locked up in a place where all sorts of freedom are suppressed is the most undesirable thing that can happen to anyone . That’s why we extolled when Andy Dufresne crawled through the waste pipe to break out of Shawshank prison and held our breaths while Michael Scofield’s ingenious plan to rescue his brother from the Fox river state Penitentiary was met with adversities..