“Oh, give me a break! I know to start investing early is wise, and saving up for the future is apt and everything. But why put it on a pedestal? Let me guess: you have a great investment plan that will get me a Ferrari in 5 years, right?”

This thought probably sweep through your head when you hear the word investment. But no. This blog is not one of those success mantras by an investment guru intended to push you into some form of an easy return policy. Well,… may be. But not as in ‘get a Ferrari in 5 years’ for sure.

The blog is about making a far better investment. It is about investing in yourself.

Tell me what!?

What is ‘investing in yourself’? Naturally, you find the term confusing. It means to put in the effort, time and money to become a better version of yourself. It is to create a circumstance to grow and evolve.

Easy to say, hard to do, isn’t it? Indeed, the capital for it is a growth mindset and tight-lipped determination. You may have to invest disciplined effort for a long time to achieve this. But once you know where it leads you, I assure you, you will put your best into it.

Unfortunately, most people are lazy. They are not hesitant to invest in financial plans that offer high profit for their money, like in real estate and stocks. But when it comes to investing in themselves, they shy away. They would rather while away time at best on entertainment, at worst, worrying.

Where to start?

Like any investment, the first step is finding the right investment plan that suits your needs. That is, you have to seek the apt space to put in your efforts. You have to find something that gets you going and stick to a schedule tailor-made for you.

Here are four investment plans you can try.

1. Invest in learning a new skill

You can invest in your skillset by learning something new. It does not necessarily have to be a job-related one. You can opt for something you have always wanted to learn — be it painting, sculpting or playing a musical instrument. According to neuroscientists, the time spent on the new skill will open up neural pathways in your brain, making you at once more creative, open-minded and resourceful.

2. Work up an appetite for knowledge.

One sure way to evolve is to expand your horizons. The more you invest in knowledge, the more you find it enticing. You start to be amused by the world and see things in a new light. Now, in the age of information overflow, you can learn different topics by watching YouTube videos, reading e-books or signing up for online courses. 

3. Invest in your health

Health is surely a treasure. You can make a commitment to your body and exercise regularly. It will help you to overcome the lifestyle diseases that our modern sedentary life has gifted us with.  You may either hit the gym, go for a morning walk, or take up yoga.

Regular exercise will also add discipline to your life. Endorphins — the hormones produced during the workout — will give you a feeling of elation.

4. Invest in new experiences

We tend to hide in our comfort zones. If we want to grow, we need to step out of our shells. Be open to adventure and exploration. It may not always be fun to go out of your comfort zones. But remember that only by pushing yourself will you know your limitations and be able to transcend them.

Why should I?

But why all this trouble? The answer is it provides you with the thing that you desire the most in life: happiness.

According to recent research, learning and evolving,  are two of the most fulfilling things you can do in your life. The more you evolve, the more happy and knowledgeable you become. As you are constantly bettering yourself, you become a bigger man and the trifles that made you upset in the past will not bother you.

Moreover, investing in yourself will give you a direction in life. When you work towards a personal goal, you are engaged and growing ceaselessly; it may be the best reason to live. Furthermore, by investing in your skill, you may be promoted in your job or even land the one you always wanted.

So why don’t you start your investment today?

Thank you for reading. You can post your opinions below.

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