Gandhi Blog Series #8

The function of violence is to obtain reform by external means; the function of passive resistance, that is, soul-force, is to obtain it by growth from within; which, in its turn, is obtained by self-suffering, self- purification. Violence ever fails; passive resistance is ever successful. The fight of a passive resister is none the less spiritual because he fights to win. Indeed, he is obliged to fight to win, that is, to obtain the mastery of self. Passive resistance is always moral, never cruel; and any activity, mental or otherwise which fails in this test is undoubtedly not passive resistance.

The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi -Vol. X, p. 248, 10-5-1910

Let Gandhi’s vision of a Satyagrahi be our guideline for the year 2020. Grow from within through self-purification and thus obtain mastery of self.

Happy New Year my dear readers.

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