Sometimes it is great fun to travel on the wings of imagination and arrive at interesting conclusions. Here is an imagination game

You are an explorer. While travelling in your personal space craft in a distant galaxy, you crash into a planet identical to earth. The only difference from earth is that there are no humans. Instead, this world is full of chimpanzees who just have the same IQ level as the chimps in earth. You are gradually accepted into their social circle. Now, how will you behave in such a situation?

 First thing that will come to mind might be that you will rule them like a tyrant. But in reality you cannot do that because you need subjects of your near intelligence to rule over.

I believe that a normal human being will behave in the following way

1) You can see the idiocy and futility behind the actions of the chimps

Since you are of higher intelligence than them, you might laugh at many of their actions. You may find their behavior unreasonable. Their most serious issues might look comical and hilarious to you.

2) Their fights will appear childish

They may fight over as simple a thing as a banana . You may know better solutions to their problems than violence. Even though you try to make them see this simple solution, they might not be convinced.

3) You may feel lonely

As there is no one you can connect and communicate with, you may feel quite depressed. No one can understand you, and hence you can become a social outcast. Still, you know your way is better.

4) You may take pity on their ignorance and try to educate them

To elevate the suffering of others is the only humane thing to do. Through your intelligence, you may try to make the life of the chimps around you better. You will try to educate them though stories or parables they can understand. You would want to propagate this ideas to the generations of the chimps. So you may write a book or tell stories with great insights so that those who venture to think about it can reach your wisdom.

5) You will be forgiving

Because you are different from them, the chimps may criticize you or even try to attack you despite your best intentions. But as you are superior to them, you know that it is their ignorance that prompts them to act in such a way and would certainly forgive them.

While imagining such fun things, I realized that there were people throughout history who behaved like this to human race. We called them Masters or Gurus. What if we are the chimps and great minds are those trapped in our society? I am not implying they came from outer space, but just that they were superior beings than us.

Now we are able to see the dilemma of  Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and other great people. We can relate to the pain they went through for humanity. Still we just build idols and worship them rather than reaching their wisdom as they wanted us to.

If we are thinking along the right lines, will we be able to elevate our minds and imbibe the wisdom of the masters and get redeemed from the gutters that our society is now in?

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16 thoughts on “An Imagination Game”

  1. We will “elevate our minds and get redeemed from the gutters that our society is in now” What a profound statement! To think what we would become if we were to transcend our thinking and become concious minded like the Ones we worship, how changed and truly transformed our world would be.

  2. Simple, yet powerful post to illustrate the internal conflicts of Masters as they perceive the world around them. If you may allow me to push the idea bit more further. I think it is a great exercise to set yourselves free from the rules and general norms of the world. Let us imagine a different world with different rules, ideologies and morality, what could be the pros and cons of such a system ? Will that make the world a better place and provide a sense of equal justice for everyone ?

    Keep churning up the great posts !!

    1. Indeed these are thought provoking questions, restricted only by the limits of one’s imagination. The idea was captured long before by Thomas Moore in Utopia. Since then it has stirred up the imagination of humanity. Thank you for commenting bro! It is nice to see your opinions here.

  3. First, thank you for liking my blog post. I found this post fascinating and really like your writing style. We’re very similar, yet different. You seem to make sense of the world spiritually while I make sense of it through humor.

    1. So true! That’s why liked you blog. We have somethings in common. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I really appreciate it.

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