A new decade is beginning.

Last year was undoubtedly a difficult time for everyone; many may even argue the worst in the past few decades. No one expected that a microbe could pull the brakes, let alone derail, the supersonic progress of humans. Such a sudden red flag was unexpected for a race that prides itself in its superiority.

Nevertheless, the impossible became possible. All we could do was to watch the world eclipsing. But as with every year, there are silver linings in the darkness in 2020 too. If we open our minds and adopt an unprejudiced approach, we can see the positives that came out of the pandemic, which can have a perennial effect on our outlook.


Many feel that dwelling in the past is like digging the grave and finding unpleasant truths. A look back to 2020 is not different. But if done correctly, such a retrospection helps to prepare better for a year ahead.

Let us first consider the positives.

Put simply, we understood that we could live better without many things. The paraphernalia previously thought indispensable proved to be unnecessary clutter. To give them up overnight was not easy, but eventually, life seemed much simpler without all these burdens.

Secondly, we got a glimpse of how nature would be better without our interfering hands. Without humans to pollute the atmosphere, air quality improved. With everyone locked in, wildlife thrived. In other words, when we withered, all other living beings flourished.

Thirdly, many technologies achieved exponential growth. When people started to work from home, virtual workspaces and meeting software became more efficient. Many companies adapted to these changes and made commuting unnecessary for their employees. Remote working thus became the new norm.


The global unease caused by the novel coronavirus and the lives lost was surely an unforeseen catastrophe. It was the hardest blow to the pride of humanity as everything they deemed indestructible was proven otherwise. Education, job, industries, and personal freedom was affected like never before. Even developed countries and their fast-paced economic machinery came to a screeching halt. Many became jobless, schools became silent, parks and places of social gathering became deserted.

But somehow, the pandemic failed to curb the growing racism, fanaticism, and attacks on democracy. Many ‘democratic’ governments used the lockdown to kill the fire of mass protests against their inhuman policies. Racial violence and majoritarianism grew without bounds. The world remained a stage for hatred. 


Amidst all these, there is one thing that we all forget: the fact that we survived a deadly pandemic. We sidestepped a catastrophe that could have swallowed up our race. We have to appreciate our resilience and accept the truth. The truth that we are all survivors.

If we can learn lessons from these dark hours, as we have throughout history, the pandemic will aid our progress. We have to rethink our approach to nature. Giving up our differences, we have to create a world of love.

Let the pandemic be a wake-up call for course correction. Let us adopt new changes and build a world where all can live in harmony with each other and with nature.

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6 thoughts on “2020: A Retrospection”

    1. It surely is. It is how we handle it that will make a difference. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  1. Hi Manus
    Create a world of love, mmmmmm. I’m from the generation of John Lennon. Actually my late brother in law was a good friend. He travelled for John and Yoko in his peace campaign “War is Over, if you want it”.
    This ideal statement refers to every human in many ways.
    I’m afraid even though we are survivors of covid, that the evil of those who have $$$$$ will always persist in changing rules (laws) to suit. It’s called privilege, according to them.
    I can only hope that I have taught my grandchildren compassion in this world of technology.
    I am also eclectic with my artworks.
    Stay safe and smile every day, peace and love


    1. Hi Janet
      It is great to hear the words of wisdom from someone who has seen the world evolve through decades. Indeed, you have put it so well. The so called ‘privileged’ will keep on doing what they are doing. But as you said, we can spread compassion and fight hatred with love.
      Thank you for the thoughtful comment and the anecdote on John Lennon. Hope your words and art plant the seeds of compassion in the world.

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